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IBM i is our business

Why choose mindstream solutions llc?


Careful treatment of existing investments skilled analysis of business problems and a free-spirited approach are the keys to develop and deploy efficient, flexible and lasting solutions.

We make sure, your investments are protected.

Work with us to ensure the best possible skills. Experience gained from globally acting customers and highly motivated personal ensure success in your projects.

If we can't do it, we tell you beforehand.


For your business, you can expect dedicated folks that take your problems serious and love their work. All of our staff loves IBM i and works with full commitment to customers requirements.

Your business development is our concern. When you grow, we grow.

That's why we are so successful.


One of the most important parameters for succeeding in a project is reliablity. For us, reliablity means delivering quality on time, keeping agreements and being there whenever you need us.

We take your business as serious as you do!

mindstream solutions is your partner when it comes down to experience, understanding, knowledge, skills, reliability and meeting deadlines.