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iQueryNET The better Query for IBM i


iQueryNET is one of our featured software products.
With iQueryNET you can use existing Query/400 queries or define your own to pull IBM i data to any Windows PC. Use various formats to save and export data.

Download iQueryNET for free ...

iClient for .NET

iClient for .NET basically is a wrapper for many native IBM System i Access for Windows function calls and comes as one .NET assembly. It is intended for programmers who are developing client applications for IBM i, want to implement the pure functionality of IBM System i Access for Windows APIs but avoid all the headache that comes with it.

With iClient for .NET you never have to worry about defining cwbxxx function calls or parameters the correct way. IBM i objects are presented as objects with properties and methods - just the way .NET programmers like it.

Please contact us, if you're interested in implementing this library.