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Modernization - Watch your apps in HD

The Past

Why would you want to get rid of the good old green-screen anyway? Are you sure, you really want to? Not to mention the questionable need for a new UI everybody tries to talk you into ...

From our experience, even with big-big customers, we can honestly answer this question with NO! When it comes down to power users entering masses of data in more or less no-time, nothing compares to a text-oriented user interface. There are businesses out there still using those old DOS chestnuts. Wonder why? Because it's convenient, lightning fast, nearly error free and workflow is crystal clear.

The Present

Nowadays everybody with these fancy personal devices, getting smaller and smaller each year, also wants to access this valuable DB2 data, wants to have some nice dashboards, get information anywhere and anytime or even access old green-screen apps in a more fashionable and familiar way. People request user interfaces tailored to their needs and habbits and the devices they're using and not vice versa.
Now you're no longer sure that you don't want to change something! Right?

The Future

We from mindstream solutions llc will help you making the right step in a future-proof direction. Why not support a set of interfaces at the same time? Users don't care where data comes from and where it goes to. Users want software to work error-free, and that's what you're existing software does. Why taking the chances of rewriting business logic or migrating away from IBM i, the most reliable platform in the universe, if you can simply add some great value and experience to it?

Can you imagine presenting existing green-screen apps on a graphical client without rewriting one line of code? And still be able to run the same app on 5250 at the same time? It is possible! We have to admit though, that of course you do need the source code to do such fancy things.

We will help you providing a pleasant experience to your users and still support different kinds of end-user devices. Give us a call and we're pleased to show you how.


Add user experience to your applications without adding trouble